President Russell M. Nelsons talk on Abuse Watch now (9 min) | General Conference Talk as Prophet of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
A few thoughts on the church I love and the faith I practice Listen now | The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is Heavenly Fathers Kingdom on the earth preparing a people to be ready for when the Savior…
I uploaded all of the files to my Dropbox. The files are so large, I put each individual one here on Substack as individual posts. Here are the links…
A passage from Victim Statement #2 - a Video Report by Jenny Marie Hatch #UtahAbuseCrisisWatch now (3 min) | Desecrating the Church History sites with Satanic Activity
She's dead, but the allegations against are very much alive
I guess I should feel special?
The great reset has turned into the great resist
A beautiful transformation for a determined mother
Chat with the Indy Journalist at Investigations in Ritual Abuse Listen now (78 min) | A friendly chat with a fellow traveler
I don't agree with all of Derrick Brozes conclusions, but he did make a good faith effort to cover the story during a time when journalists were being…
The Motion to Quash Hamblin's Subpoena