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ABOUT Jenny Hatch

I am a Storyteller.

As a performer, my goal on the stage, with the written word, when crafting shows, books, videos, podcasts, blog posts, or music, my goal always, is to entertain.

I like to use humor, parody, satire, and all of my creative abilities to more effectively share my message of family freedom and bodily autonomy.

I have been on the internet since 1996. I began writing my BLOG dedicated to the promotion of Home Birth, in 2005.

Our family lives a progressive crunchy conservative lifestyle, so I have often been mistaken as a collectivist because we shop at Whole Foods and wear Birkenstocks and had a few of our babies at home.

We have five adult children, four inlaw kids, and four grandchildren!

Today I simply call myself an American dedicated to individual liberty and the sacredness of parental rights and will partner with any fellow traveler of any political or religious persuasion who feels likewise.

All of my content creation is dedicated to smashing the growing medical police state that is currently smooshing families all over the world!


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You can read a subscriber-only update in email, or on the website. If you click through from your email you will be automatically logged in. If you come to the website separately, you can log in through the Home or About page.

Jenny with her daughter Ally on February 24th, 2024

Can I forward the emails?

YES! Spread them as far and as wide as you like, on whatever platform you currently prefer.

About Jenny Marie Hatch

I have been working almost my whole adult life to articulate a need to amend the United States Constitution to ensure medical freedom the same way we are protected with religious freedom.

I am a mother to five beautiful souls. Currently we have four married children and four grandchildren.

My husband Paul is my dearest friend and the great love of my life! I crafted this video

on our 30th anniversary.

This photo was taken in 2002 a week after our youngest son was born at home.

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Jenny Marie Hatch

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