My favorite Substack follows this week

Over the past few months I have spent quite a bit of time on Substack. Although I have been blocked by Clint Watts and Design Mom Gabrielle Blair, (who believes those of us who voted for Trump committed a sin and are in need of repentance) most of those substack writers who have allowed my comments have not felt the need to silence my voice and block me from further participation.

I was recently blocked from GOMI and long term readers know multiple attempts to share my work on all social media has been consistently blocked, banned, and deleted for a variety of bogus reasons.

During the early years of my participation on the web I was blocked, banned, and shut out from almost all online forums because I was a vocal neocon who supported the middle east wars, yet I promoted a progressive attachment parenting lifestyle for families.

Because of this seeming disconnect, most moderators called me a troll and blocked me from participating on sites like the Mothering magazine chatroom and Free Republic when all I was doing was sharing my heartfelt views on things.

I do admit to enjoying baiting readers with my words, memes, and movies, all crafted in the name of entertaining good fun. I delight in exposing deep hypocrisies and extreme hyperbole on both political extremes. And I have reserved my most devastating efforts for a certain blogging obstretrician who shall not be named.

Here is a roundup of my favorite Stack writers from the past week, shared for your perusal and edification!

Jenny Marie Hatch

First up David Reaboi (who has some sweet jazz attached to this post…)

I said this in the comment section:

Thanks for such a thoughtful and insightful post. I agree with most of it and comfortably part company with most Trump supporters who now believe the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan were a waste.

I parse it a bit differently though. I believe if we went in to help those nations set up constitutional republics with democratically elected politicians, I am comfortable with that.

But if we went in so Monsanto could take agriculture over from fifty million more people, then, no. I do not support that.

I read that farmers using traditional agricultural methods were locked up as terrorists when they refused to use Monsantos seeds.

This type of intervention is what the left has correctly been hollaring about for a hundred years as the Wars have played out.


Jenny Marie Hatch

Late Republic Nonsense
9/11/2001 +20
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TK News by Matt Taibbi
The Anniversary of 9/11 is a Great Day to Reflect on Republican Hypocrisy
Well, that didn’t take long. Within a day after Joe Biden announced his vaccine mandate plan, a conga line of exultant blue-friendly pundits rushed to offer their hottest hot takes on the many exciting authoritarian possibilities that might now be open, with government unshackled at last…
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The Weekly Dish
Emerging Cracks In The Woke Elite
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Unreported Truths
A chart of Covid deaths in Britain since June
They told you the vaccines might not stop infection or transmission but they were still very effective against serious illness and death. 89% of Britons over 16 have received at least one shot. 80% are fully vaccinated. This is the chart: Something is very, very wrong…
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Unreported Truths
Pay no attention to the spike proteins behind the curtain
The preprint came out in July, from scientists and physicians at the University of Bristol, one of Britain’s top universities. Naturally, it has received almost no attention, even after they presented it in August at the European Society of Cardiology Congress. Research that raises doubts about the safety of the Covid vaccines - even indirectly - rarely ……
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This report at Real Clear Investigations is a MUST READ!

Common Sense with Bari Weiss
My University Sacrificed Ideas for Ideology. So Today I Quit.
Peter Boghossian has taught philosophy at Portland State University for the past decade. In the letter below, sent this morning to the university’s provost, he explains why he is resigning. Dear Provost Susan Jeffords, ​​I’m writing to you today to resign as assistant professor of philosophy at Portland State University…
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Share Natural Family BLOG, online journal written by Jenny Hatch

I left this comment on Jared Holt’s Substack last night:


The right wing people in this country are getting ready for a complete shutdown of the government and possibly an economic collapse around a default on the national debt at the end of the month.

We are stockpiling food, water, and other survival supplies. And we are ready to live comfortably until the day after whatever happens. I know you are prolly too young to understand what hyper inflation looks like in real life, but it ain't gonna be pretty. As a long term political activist, nobody I know is planning to attend any national event. 

We are done with them. All signs are pointing to an economic collapse.


Jenny Marie Hatch

Let's talk about September 18
(Update: This was originally sent to paid supporters of the newsletter but after a few hours I’ve decided to unlock it because there are some folks in the press I think need to read this…
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